We are agreed. It’s long past time to make the changes necessary to leave our grandchildren an earth worth living on. The challenge can seem overwhhelming. So start small, but start.

Do Not Contact
Click on the Canadian Marketing Association's website for an opportunity to register for their DO NOT CONTACT service. This should significantly reduce the numbers of marketing offers you receive through the mail and phone.

No receipt, thanks.
It's such a very small piece of paper, that receipt, but multiplied over the millions of transactions per day, per week, per year ...well, you get the idea. Do you really need a receipt for your coffee? What about every time you make a transaciton at the ATM? Say, "No thanks, no receipt."

LED lights
Compared to incandescent Christmas lights, LED bulbs use 95% less energy, last 10 times longers, are more durable with no filaments or glass to break, and produce very little heat, reducing the risk of fire. Source: BC Hydro.

Cool It
Install a programmable thermostat to lower the temperature in your house at night and when you are not there. And when you program it, lower the temp by 1 degree C. They say that will save you 2% of your heating bill. Source: David Suzuki Foundation

Turn the Water Off
...when you are brushing your teeth or washing dishes.

Don't Idle
Every litre of gasoline used releases 2.4 kg of carbon dioxide. Choosing to turn your vehicle off instead of idling can add up to a big difference to the air we breathe.

Bag It
In the developed world we are pretty good at hiding our garbage – out of sight, out of mind. But anyone who’s traveled in the third world knows that plastic shopping bags are an abomination on the earth. Let’s put an end to it. Purchase a collection of inexpensive fabric bags. Keep them handy for grocery shopping. Every time you head out, even for small items, grab a cloth bag and say no thanks to plastic.

Turn it Off
All those instant-on electronics with their LCD displays are gobbling up more electricity than you'd imagine. When not in use, turn them off. Where appliances and electronics are grouped together (e.g., computer and peripherals, entertainment centre, kitchen appliances) plug them all into a power bar with an easy-to-access on/off switch and use it.

Look for more ideas next month ...and feel free to share your own ideas with us.